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Draco Guard is an indie game development team, composed of a couple of friends with certain unique skills and assets, a shared view for the future and a shared goal, introducing quality, fun, colorful games, and bringing not only ours but your dream games into reality.


Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.


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A local multiplayer tactical RPG board game, introducing 16 characters with unique passive and active skills, different game modes, a free for all or tag teams, save yourself or defeat ...

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Identity offers a challenging experience of three different gameplay mechanics which you can play to unlock the story and repeat as many times as you like and beat your ...

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Team Members

Who’s in Draco Guard ?
Zeddam Zakaria

Zeddam Zakaria

Draco Guard co founder | programming | game development | Video/Cinematics | visual effects | Video/Audio Editing | Cameraman/Director | Translation | 3D Modeler

Bouneggar Mohamed Amine

Bouneggar Mohamed Amine

Draco Guard co founder | Concept Art | Character Design | Composer | Sound Effects | Sound/Audio/Music Design | 3D Modeler | 2D/3D Animator | Writer

smail Attoui

smail Attoui

Draco Guard member | programming | web design | web development | game development junior | app development

smail Attoui

Zeddam Lioua

Draco Guard member | 3D Modeler | 3D Sculpting | Translation | 3D Animation junior |

Hassan Ait Barra

Hassan Ait Barra

Draco Guard member | marketing junior | vo vietnam teacher


Learn about the Services we provide
Game development img

Game development

Game Development is the reason Draco Guard was founded and it’s our main focus, above all else, we hope to create quality games and exceed our limits, breaking through new boundaries and bringing our imaginations into the lights of reality.

App Development img

App development

We take your ideas and reshape them into an app that works however you desire to make your life and work easier, any idea you have can be reshaped into the app you desire, and the journey will continue to support your app updates in the future as well.

Digital Art img

digital art

Draco Guard provides Colorful and high quality art and we’re willing to draw anything at your request, please contact us for more info.

Video Production img

video production

With over 7 years of experience in video editing, managing multiple national and international events, such as djemila international festival and more, we pride ourselves on efficiency as well as quality, please contact us for more info.

audio production img

audio production

The experience gained working on multiple radio channels and studios will guarantee our work in showing the true power of your voice, audio mixing, audio effects, for vocals and instruments. Please contact us for more info.

music composition img

music composition

We can write, direct, and create music for various genres of games, shows or any other purposes, please contact us for more info.

vfx cinematic img

vfx cinematic

Turning our reality into something better than our imagination is what we are good at, with years of experience of adding our VFX into short films and video games as well, we will turn your dreams into reality.

Translation img


over 5 years experience translating (EN - AR) (AR - EN) articles, news reports, and mostly well known video games such as Magnum Quest, Heroes of Might and Magic, conquerors blade and more.

Web Design img

Web design

Web design can have an immense impact on your company's,And we're confident we can design a custom website that drives sales for your unique business, it will be original, unique and helps you evolve your business further.

Web Development img

Web development

We will take your design and turn it into a reality, help your viewers interact with you through an advanced platform that is made solely to show them what you can offer them. A new experience and a new world

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