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Identity is a game created and developed by Draco Guard, That hopes to celebrate the diversity of the cultural history and artifacts, by taking you on a tour throughout the world's greatest eras and civilizations, Educates about the effects of climate change and how they affected the world’s history and how we can try to control it’s damage in both a fictional and a non-fictional way, Showing the importance of protecting and preserving every nation’s cultural heritage through a fun immersive story, and Finally, Fights and protects the cultural heritage against looting, theft, trafficking, and destruction, by raising the awareness of the players not only about such problems but also by suggesting solutions in the story

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the Cultural antiquities task force (CATF), an organization that fights to restore and protect all that has a cultural and historical value, in recent days the group secretly acquired a time machine, which they hope to use to restore all that was erased from history's pages and uncover more about every culture, reshaping the world as it should have been.

Nova Miller, A recent addition to the ranks of the CATF, with a complicated past and an uncertain future, shot through the ranks with her remarkable skills to be known as the pride of the CATF and the best in her field, She was chosen to be the one sent back in time for that same reason, but on the other side of history stands a dark society who plots to overthrow the world for their own selfish interests using the same technology, Nova with her own personal plans takes the burden to fight and restore the world's identity. All for the sake of restoring what she had lost herself.



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gameplay modes

Different gameplay mechanics

Identity offers a challenging experience of three three different gameplay mechanics which you can play to unlock the story and repeat as many times as you like and beat your own records and scores.


Save Lost History

Offering the chance to save and recover lost history in your own way, as you learn and have fun in this journey

gatsha system

Relive the past

The ability to relive some of the best moments in history with some amazing historical legends, talk to them, fight with them, and even save them and the world.

gatsha system

Explore civilization

The chance to explore one of the most famous ancient civilizations in history, and learn about their culture and history through a series of fun stages.

local multiplayer

Time travel

Travel back in time and relive historical moments, meet legends of the past, recover the forgotten memory and save it from being used or even destroyed by the wrong hand.